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About me

As far as I can remember, art has been an interest and passion of mine since childhood. Over the years, art continues to beckon me. It's like a dear friend who reminds me to come out and play and that we need to spend time together.

Working many years in the medical field as a licensed practical nurse can be a challenge at times to make art, but since I've attained my master's degree in Art Therapy, it propels me even more to create.
This online space is where I can share my art with you! Should you have any questions, comments, interest to purchase a painting, or commission me to create something for you, please feel free to contact me at Enjoy!
You can also view my photography portfolio at, and my photography project,

I've taken on commissions and have exhibited in local art galleries and shows, including with Sing For Hope, which involved painting a piano for charity. My piano was displayed for 3 weeks in the summer at Industry City in Brooklyn prior to being donated to a public school. Click

My art is printed on scarves, tote bags and accent pillows, all made and sold by VIDA. Check out my collection!   Addy Balajadia's Custom Creations | VIDA

A drawing of mine is also included in the Real Art Therapists of NY Coloring Book which was sold at Strand Bookstore and is available on You can go to to learn more!


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